Why pudding? In most places pudding is disappointing, it’s an afterthought. We wanted to do pudding properly. So we decided to just make pudding. That’s it. We do one thing well.

The Pudding Stop started life back in 2011, when we parked our Pudmobile (a small van, jam-packed with freshly made puddings) at St Albans Station. We have to hand it to the hundreds of commuters who believed in us – without them, we wouldn’t have opened our shop two years later. Home to a dedicated and passionate team of bakers, baristas and servers, we’re incredibly proud that our little shop has become a much loved venue for our local community.

Let’s not forget the tourists who visit our beautiful cathedral city – we welcome them to worship our puds too. They enjoy our speciality coffee, freshly baked goods and a menu of classic British puddings all prepared right here, from where we serve.

We’ve always wanted our puds to be enjoyed beyond St Albans and, based on the bestsellers in our shop, our ‘Bake at Home’ range is the next chapter of our story.

Hands up if you’ve been part of our story so far? Hands up if you’re trying our puddings for the first time? Well, we’re very glad you’ve joined us for pud either in St Albans or the comfort of your own home!

Oven on. Mitts on. Enjoy…


do one thing well

We’re obsessed with making the best pudding. That’s why we only do one thing. Our bakers mitt represents the handmade values we've had since day one. Everything we bake is handmade here every day, from scratch, with care and with no shortcuts – from hand rolled morning pastries and hand filled doughnuts, to big batches of hand stirred pudding batter.

Our handmade values go beyond baking to everything we serve in our shop, like our beautifully handcrafted coffee or our ingredients handpicked from the best producers. Carefully sourced ingredients, fairly treated employees, commitment to the environment, support for our local community and a burning desire to bake the best puddings.

This is how we handle our business. Are you with us?

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