The world of recycling, composting and climate change can be overwhelming, confusing and terrifying at times. Nonetheless here are some of the little things we do: 

  1. Use paper straws

  2. Use compostable coffee cups

  3. Offer 50p off any hot drink served in reusable cup

  4. Separate our food waste, recycling and general waste

  5. Use 100% green energy for electricity

  6. Use recycled packaging and napkins

  7. Compost used coffee grounds

  8. Member of Sustainable Restaurant Association

Aside from environmental related initiatives we raise money for local charities, donate vouchers and puddings to local schools and sports clubs, help fund community projects, treat our employees fairly and source our ingredients ethically. We're always looking for new ways to improve and so if you have any suggestions or ideas please get in touch with johnny@thepuddingstop.com