‘The PROOF of the

pudding IS IN the eating’

We live and breathe pudding and we love the phrase ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Because for us it means that the proof of The Pudding Stop is in every experience our guests have. And that experience should only ever be proper puddings, done properly.


Proper pudding means:


We make each pudding from scratch in house everyday

 We don’t compromise on quality

We source the best ingredients from the best suppliers

We don’t take shortcuts, our puddings are labour intensive

We don’t do style over substance

We champion classics that are part of our heritage



Done properly means:


We care as much about the things that accompany the puds as the puds themselves

We choose independent growers, merchants and producers

We are hospitality focused and use pudding to put smiles on people’s faces

We support our employee’s careers though structured training and development

We give 100% of tips and service charge to our employees

 We support local schools, charities, initiatives and other independent businesses

We enhance our community through our puddings, our people and our hospitality